4 Great Hand Dryers For The Home

Outlined in an article in The Daily Mail and backed up by the NHS, bathroom towels are probably one of the most unhygienic items in the home.

Why? Because they retain moisture allowing bacteria to breed and are used in the most germ ridden areas of the house; collecting faeces and other germ ridden substances from the hands, face and body. These bacteria can be spread from person to person as the towel is used by multiple people.  Just washing the towel is not enough, you have to do it at the right temperature which is said to be 60 – 90C, to sterilise completely.

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How often you should wash your bathroom towel and why has been written here via www.safebee.com in a blog article by Allie Johnson, but the key points are:

  • Bacteria populations on a wet towel can double in size in just 20 minutes
  • A mouldy towel can cause allergic reactions or skin infections
  • You should wash your towel after every use
  • If you can’t wash your towel every day, spread out your towel so that it isn’t scrunched up and can air out
  • Wash it right
  • Make sure everyone in the home has a towel each and only uses that towel

Therefore, could adding a hand dryer to the home be a more hygienic and cost effective way of drying the hands, not to mention a great talking point for when visitors use your bathroom?

What are the best hand dryers for the home?

If you are looking for something that wouldn’t take up too much wall space, provides a relatively fast dry and would complement the décor of any private bathroom then look no further than the G-Force Junior. It weighs just 1 kg, is the same size as half a piece of A4 paper, and at just 900w super energy efficient to keep those household bills down.

G-Force Junior Hand Dryer

Turboforce® Junior PLUS Hand Dryer

Low noise and compact, this low energy, fast drying hand dryer comes with some real bonus features including an intelligent heating system and internal UVC cleaning protection.

A bonus feature of the DryForce PLUS is the fact it has awater collection tray. This adds to the already energy efficient and good performance aspects of the hand dryer by making sure your bathroom floor stays dry from any residual water blown off the hands when in use.

For those who are looking for a more luxury item, the scientists at Dyson have invented a unique piece of kit that combines the water tap with a hand dryer.  This scrapes moisture off the hands at the rapid velocity you would expect from a Dyson hand dryer.  The beauty of the Dyson Tap is it means your hands do not have to leave the sink area to wash and dry.  Any residual water goes straight down the sink in rapid time!  This product comes in three versions, short, long and wall for ease of locating in any plush bathroom.

In 2018, we introduced The Dryflow Dri-tap. This is a smart, highly adjustable hand dryer combination, which has the same dimensions as a water tap and goes over the sink. 

It is part of a Wash Station Series which includes an automatic soap dispenser and water tap.  Each part of the series can be bought individually or the whole series as one.

Each is available in a deck mounted and wall mounted model. With an effective 20 second dry time, (the equivalent of that of a Warner Howard Airforce) a rated power of just 500 watts and a relatively low noise 71 dB(A) output, this would be a beautifully crafted addition to any home.

In 2020 we are pleased to announce 2 new products in this combination format. Each piece like the Dri-Tap series can be bought as a standalone item or a full set.

Bi-Tap Wash & Dry

Tri-Tap Wash & Dry

To view our full sensor tap range please click here

Things to be aware of when looking where to put a hand dryer for the home

It is important to take the IP rating of the hand dryer into consideration when deciding the area of a bathroom the hand dryer is to be positioned. More information has been written about the IP ratings of hand dryers and locations in a bathroom here. We recently were asked about the suitability of our Stealthforce PLUS hand dryer for a garage conversion. The new bathroom will have limited ventilation for dispersing steam from the shower. We recommended they consulted with an electrician about IP ratings and what would be suitable for that particular location. We certainly feel that this hand dryer will make a very contemporary and unique addition to an already fashionable extension to their client’s home.

Also, we recommend you take advantage of our “book a demo” service where one of our UK wide representatives will come and show you how it works as well as letting you take notice of the noise levels throughout your home. We can also send you out a sample to try, giving you total satisfaction and peace of mind before you commit to buying.

For more information or for help in finding your ideal hand dryer or washroom product, please call us UK offices: North: 0114 3540047 South: 0203 3270448; Eire office: +353 19036387, use our contact us page by clicking here or click to visit the website.  You can also use our Intelligent Search Tool that helps you identify the perfect dryer for your location by clicking here.

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