Alan Partridge shows us how to avoid germs in a public bathroom


Alan Partridge, the legendary talk show host and North Norfolk radio star has made his reappearance on the BBC after a 24-year absence. The last time he appeared on live TV he accidently shot one of his guests, so it was an eagerly awaiting return for the ever-popular Alan.

‘This time’, a half hour topical show is akin to The One Show with its casual guest interviews and segmented current affairs features. The format suited Alan perfectly and saw him at his excruciating best. Inuendo a plenty, awkward silences and inappropriate anecdotes were the theme of the show. Alan fans were simply lapping up his gaffs.

One feature saw Alan discussing hand hygiene with a female clinical hygienist. Alan lost focus and became a little over enamoured with his interviewees hand washing technique. The hygiene theme continued back in the studio with Alan demonstrating how to enter and exit a public bathroom without touching anything with his hands.

The demonstration has already been heralded as ‘the TV moment of the year’ and was without doubt one of the funniest bits of physical comedy you will be treated too for some time. Check out Alan showing us just how to stay germ free.

For some, the comedy will be all too real. We have spoke to many germophobes that simply avoid touching anything they can in a public washroom. The good news is, they probably don’t need to panic, as long as they wash their hands to the World Health Organisation standards and not to Alan’s, then dry their hands thoroughly, the only thing they really need to avoid is touching anything on the way out.

That said the handle on the way out is a lot cleaner than the handle on the way in, as thankfully people are starting to get the message and clean their hands!

We look forward to seeing Alan back on our screens again soon!

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