A Buy Now, Pay Monthly Option Is Now Available for All Our Bathroom Ranges

IFS has introduced the ability to spread the cost of equipment in order to help businesses and individuals enjoy the energy and cost saving benefits of high performance hand dryers, without hitting their cashflow. What could be better? Save more money than the cost of the instalments, an absolute no brainer!

It could be that you prefer to distribute your investment throughout the annual budget, for example after switching from paper towels to energy saving hand dryers (a move that can save up to £4,384 per year to a school with 400 pupils).

Example of Financing options at Intelligent Hand Dryers

Pay later plans directly with the supplier are a reality in all business fields around the globe, from bathroom refurbishments, furniture and appliances to smartphones, clothes and holiday trips.

Washroom Equipment Finance in 5 Steps

On this website, you can see on every product page how much you should pay per month (including VAT) to avoid high upfront costs. Here are the easy steps to purchase:

  1. Proceed to checkout securely.
  2. Select the option to spread the cost for the shown quantity over 12 or 18 months.
  3. Review the authorisation information from Worldpay.
  4. Authorise to receive such payments on your card during the chosen period.
  5. Keep the invoice received until the full amount has been paid.

As stated in the terms & conditions, please note three things about these pay monthly plans. Firstly, the goods are not owned by the customer until the full payment is completed. Secondly, not being a service agreement, you cannot stop paying the due amount in the case of a fault. Similarly, the card holder is legally responsible to ensure that all funds are paid, having to update their details if changed over the time of the payment plan.

Turboforce Junior Plus Hand Dryer in WhiteDryflow Viper Hand Dryer in Brushed SatinDryflow Tri-Jet Hands in Hand Dryer in White

At IFS we believe that automatic hand dryers are the most suitable appliance to hygienically dry hands at locations with a power supply and tolerance to the air flow noise level, including domestic areas. Energy efficiency is increased if a low power product is selected. Apart from this post, we aim to provide sound advice through our website and on the phone. We wish to facilitate easily made payments for trade, institutions and end use consumers regarding quick check out times, methods (card, bank transfer, pay on account) and even currency, since Intelligent Hand Dryers also operates in Ireland and Australia we accept international methods of payment. Should you not be interested in outright purchasing, do not hesitate to contact us to speak to our friendly advisors about the advantages of hand dryer rental and which hand dryers are available to rent.

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Written by: Paula Martinez

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