Dyson Airblade AB14 or Dryflow Tri-Jet? Which Hand Dryer?

Speed of drying has always been a popular factor in what people look for when choosing the best hand dryer for them.  The Dyson AB14 with its bladed airflow has revolutionised the way in which hand dryers do the job they were intended to do and rightly so this type of hand dryer is firmly in the mind when people are looking for hand dryers for their facility.  The new Dryflow Tri-Jet not only looks great, it has a performance that matches that of the AB14 exceptionally well.  With other comparable and sometimes enhanced features, could this model give the Dyson a real run for its money?  Read on to find out and help you make the right choice for you

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Dyson Airblade AB14  Dryflow Tri-Jet 
11 SecondsDry Time(in house tested – see video)11 Seconds
1600WRated Power
4.89W (based on in-house tested dry time) Energy Per Dry 5.38W (based on in-house tested dry time)
80dB Noise Level78dB
Digital V4 Brushless Motor
 Type of MotorBrushed Motor
1500+ (tested to continuous use but not to failure – would be expected to surpass this)Motor Life Hours 1500
500+Suitable Daily Uses 300 – 500
59p (based on in-house tested dry time) Cost Per 1000 Dries 65p (based on in-house tested dry time)
Made from tough and durable ABS polycarbonate – the same material used in riot shields. It’s been repeatedly tested to withstand the pressures of high footfall, high usage washrooms. Galvanised steel back plate/mounting bracket. Exterior screw type: Anti-tamper M6 machine screw Vandal ResistanceMade from thick vandal resistant ABS polymer
5 year manufacturers guarantee – On-site or replacement warrantyAntibacterial coating type: Contains antibacterial moulded additive in fascia and blades. Can help prevent the growth of bacteria.HEPA filter (glass fibre and fleece prelayer)IP35 Other Key Features7 year guarantee3 blade outlets and 2 soft start motors produce high velocity airflowMicroban antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew in all water collection areasComes with microbe trapping air filter as standard with option to upgrade to a HEPA Filter H12Quality European manufacturedIPX1
 White £689 / Nickel £701 correct at time and date of post Price OnlineWhite £459 / Silver £479 correct at time and date of post

The above table shows the similarities and differences between the 2 hand dryers.  Both have extremely fast dry times and would be regarded as 2 of the fastest blade style hand dryers on the market.  The Dyson AB14 has been a popular choice for many years and rightly so due to its unique construction, features and performance.  It does have the advantage of being of a more robust build, longer anticipated motor life, a Dyson enhanced V4 brushless motor and higher standard of ingress protection.  So, if excessive longevity, a need to be able to withstand potential abuse or protection from excessive projection of water directly on to the hand dryer is key to your choice, then the AB14 may be the right dryer for you.  That said, the long-life motor in the Dryflow Tri-Jet is more than capable of withstanding up to 500 uses a day with ease with enhanced longevity.  This is provided that the brushes are serviced and replaced as required over the life time of the product, which isn’t a major job or expensive outlay.

A stand out feature of the Dryflow Tri-jet is the length of warranty that is on offer.  An astonishing 7 years is given, 2 years longer over the Dyson.  Both providing peace of mind, with one going the extra mile to offer more. The Tri-Jet warranty covers replacement of pieces and cost of the labour during the first 3 years, where-as the standard Dyson warranty includes cost of labour for 1 year.

All in all, you will see from the table that many of the specifications are similar between the 2 models including energy efficiency, noise levels, high usage capabilities, antibacterial protection and air filtering.

These videos show the stringent testing we perform on the hand dryers in our range to give accurate dry time information.

Dryflow Tri-Jet Dry Time Testing

Dyson AB14 Dry Time Testing

Cost to Run Comparisons

Based on the following scenario:

  • Existing solution: Paper towels
  • Type of location: Office
  • Number of staff: 300
  • Number of dryers required: 10
Dyson AB14 AirbladeDryflow Tri-Jet
Annual Paper Towel Cost£3071.25£3071.25
Annual Savings Vs Paper Towels£2865.33£2844.74
Annual Running Costs£205.92£226.51
Payback ROI  2.2 Years1.6 Years

Final Thoughts

As you will have seen above, not much separates the Dyson AB14 and the Dryflow Tri-Jet.  The key feature people often look for in a hand dryer is does it actually dry the hands and does it do this quickly?  The AB14 has been doing this for years with tremendous success. As you will have seen from above, both do the job excellently and the Tri-Jet really is a contender to match the performance of the highly sought after AB14 for its outstanding drying capabilities.  The Tri-Jet, as the name suggests, achieves this with 3 focused blades of air rather than the standard dual action of most other blade hand dryers.

The Tri-Jet includes an easily serviceable water collection tank, which Dyson do not add into their model.  Therefore, excess water is collected and not left to congregate on the floor and down the sides of the hand dryer.  This not only leaves the washroom domestic team happy, it reduces the risk of a slipping hazard. A clever addition to this water tank is Microban protection. Why is this important? Well the argument is that water collection tanks if not serviced regularly, can be a breeding ground for bacteria in the stagnant water.  However, Microban protection in all water collection areas prevents the growth of bacteria and it will not wash away or wear out during the life of the product, therefore giving a superior level of germ-free protection than continuous use of disinfectants alone.

Peace of mind guarantees are always something people look for when purchasing a product.  Both these have exceptionally good ones however, as you will have read, the Dryflow Tri-Jet offers more than the norm which is great to bear in mind.  Especially when you factor in the price difference you are paying for each unit.


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