The Efficient Future of Washroom Maintenance – Utilising Technology

Staff time is at a premium and an empty paper dispenser or a full bathroom bin annoy customers. This digital era can provide useful solutions to make replenishment and cleaning more efficient while preventing making a bad impression. There are two main options on the market to improve restroom upkeep: placing systems in the washroom accessories that monitor the level of the consumables or relying on visitors to notify about the state of the facilities.

Monitored washroom fittings

Though still in its development phase, Fraunhofer IIS created “CWS Washroom Information Service”, which is being tested in a first pilot program. In order to check product levels in real time, the researchers designed wireless monitoring devices for the accessories, such as a sensor inside the soap dispenser, an optical system in the toilet paper holder and a portion meter in the paper towel dispenser. Data collection points throughout the building would later send the information to an interface that visually displays the levels to the cleaning staff.

For the time being, this technology is associated to the products of a particular brand. We will see in the next few years whether other brands get on the bandwagon or a universal technology is marketed.

Customers’ feedback

If one wishes to ask for users’ opinion in a physical, quick and simple way, the mechanism already exists. TryLikes provide devices that ask a direct question to the visitor about their experience so that they can reply by pressing a thumb up or down icon. Following this concept, the Indian government intends to gather feedback at commercial washrooms; users will be able to assess their visit satisfaction by pressing one of three coloured buttons with emojis: green (smiley), yellow and red (frowning face).

These two options to improve washroom facilities and maintenance are compatible. However, for now both require the implementation of several devices or special fittings.

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