How can the worst motorway service stations in the UK improve?


Motorway service stations, love them or hate them are an important part of every long journey.  A report by Transport focus, recently reported by the BBC has highlighted the best and worst in the UK and it’s clear that the standard of washroom facilities, really matters!

The first thing that stands out to us is that 77% of all visitors to a service station use the toilet.  This means that it is a key area of the service station.  If you get this right or wrong, then it is going to have a major effect on the overall impression of each person that has stopped off to take a break.  It is pleasing to see that 90% of respondents rated the cleanliness of the toilet area as good.  This is of course a critical area, as dirty toilets are not what you expect in these buildings. However, the quality of the fixtures in the toilets was rated lower at 82%.  This means that when people are using the toilet they feel that the overall equipment available could do with improving to enhance their experiences.

It was found that 42% of people plan their stops along a motorway.  How many of these do it because they have already had a good experience at a particular service station?  By improving the fixtures available in the washroom area, are more people likely to remember the experience and plan to stop their next time they travel that way?

Below are links to previous blog posts we have written to help you see if certain components could be an issue for your customers. It must be noted that motorway service stations are heavy traffic public locations, so the following information is to be used as a guide.  We would encourage you to contact us direct for more information on which products can withstand the use and possible abuse they will receive.

Speed of hand dryers

Getting through the washroom quickly and into the food court or back on the road is a priority for most motorists.  If there are queues, it’s not going to do much for improving the stress levels of users.  Also, if people do not dry their hands in a quick time, then they are more likely to give up, use their trousers and complain to a friend or relative outside that “those hand dryers are rubbish”.  Not good for the reputation. Wet hands breed germs and in a way the service station is promoting poor hygiene practices. Have a look at the Top 6 high speed hand dryers available here.

Noise of hand dryers

Could the sheer number of hand dryers going off at the same time be a key factor in people’s disappointment in the fixtures?  There are some good performing, quiet hand dryers that can stand up to years of heavy traffic.  Although not as quick as the high speed variety, they will get the job done and create a peaceful ambience to boot.  Read more about the quiet revolution here

Are fixtures looking dated and tired?

So, you decided to get stainless steel hand dryers. Not just for their anti-vandal, robust properties, but because they look elegant and match the finish of other washroom equipment.  However, over time they have started to look dated and tired.  Somebody comes in, takes a look at them and feels the hand dryer they are using has been in the place for years and needs replacing.  The fact is the hand dryer has been in there only about a year and is just in the need of some TLC.  Here are some top tips of how you can keep those stainless-steel items looking like new!

Have you got machines that are out of order?

An out of order hand dryer means one less for all the traffic to use, frustrating people and looking bad on the building.  Things do go wrong unfortunately and things do break down.  Fortunately, there are new ways of installing hand dryers which makes maintenance and repair quicker and easier.  Read more about modular system installations here.

Can you make an already clean washroom more hygienic?

Although a large percentage of people are happy with the cleanliness of the toilets it is also a benefit to have extra hygienic fixtures in the toilet area.  This post here gives some top tips on how you can further enhance the experience of each toilet user and maximise satisfaction

Added bonuses

Making toilet cubicles quicker and easier to use and including sensor taps as a fixture, will again enhance people’s user experience.

So, there you go.  Just a few ideas to help a motorway service station improve its customer satisfaction score with regards toilet fixtures.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss anything you have read in more detail, or of course to chat about washroom equipment in general.

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