How Do I Know Which Electric Hand Dryer To Buy?

It can be a confusing time choosing the right hand dryer for you

Buyers and facilities managers are often confused when looking to buy a hand dryer. There are an abundance of electric hand dryers in the marketplace all claiming to be the fastest, most hygienic, most energy efficient, quietest, sexiest etc etc. There is the Dyson Airblade AB14, the Dyson V, the Xcelerator, The Airforce, the Mitsubishi jet towel, the Tempest, the eTempest………… the list goes on and on and now there are all the Chinese imports all over the internet like the Gorillo, Kangarillo, Dillo and god knows what else.

If you want to navigate through this lot you are soon going to be left scratching your head, particularly as there is so much mis-marketing going around, so we have prepared a simple guide with 4 questions to ask yourself to help you get the right hand dryer for you.

Choosing the right hand dryer can be difficult!

1. What kind of use is your hand dryer likely to get?

Hand dryer breakdowns are very costly.  Unless you have a dedicated person on site, you are probably looking at minimum £100 for an electrician to come and replace your hand dryer, plus disgruntled customers and staff. So we would say don’t buy too cheap or limited guarantee (less than 3 years) if your hand dryers are going to get over 200 uses a day each. (Remember office staff use the bathroom about 4.5 times a day on average.)

If your hand dryer only lasts 2 years and is out of warranty you will have to buy and install again when you may as well have purchased something decent in the first place that will probably still be going strong, long after the 5 year guarantee is up. For real peace of mind go for the eXtremeAir GXT hand dryer with its fantastic 6 year guarantee, alternatively you can rent.

All the big branded hand dryers like the Dyson Airblade, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, the Airforce and Xcelerator are better made than imitations on the whole; although there are exceptions such as the TurboForce and G-force hand dryers which have similar levels of quality, sometimes better performance, at a substantially lower price.

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If your facilities get less than 100 uses a day then you are probably Ok with most hand dryers for a good few years including the Kangarillo and other Chinese imports mentioned earlier.

The thing is you can get hand dryers that are energy efficient, high speed and reasonably low decibel for anywhere from £120 to £250 so it doesn’t make sense to fork out £450 to £800 on a really fancy hand dryer. If you don’t need the motor to put up with heavy use and the energy efficiency gains don’t stack up to real cost savings because of the low use, why bother?

2. Is it in an area where it’s going to get vandalised?

Pubs, Nightclubs, public toilets, schools and colleges are most likely to get abuse, so make sure the hand dryer is vandal resistant. The less parts there are to fiddle with, sections that you can grip hold of or drainage areas to block up, the better. Blade hand dryers have a big downside as Dyson found out when they had to block up there drainage tank. Idiots stuff paper into the holes and like to try and lever them off the wall, for what reason we don’t know but it happens. So you may want to consider a hand dryer difficult to grip hold off rather than a blade hand dryer. Our recommended vandal resistant hand dryers can be seen by clicking here.

3. Is the specification correct?

Can the seller of the hand dryer demonstrate the specification is correct to you? Too often people just stick fabricated specifications online. A reputable manufacturer once claimed their hand dryer dried hands in 5 seconds which was truly ridiculous, it was a good product but not in a million years! With the ease and accessibility of video, ask the supplier to demonstrate the performance and show an energy monitor and decibel reader near the product so you can get a real picture.

If this sounds like too much hassle we may have already done this test, if not we will do totally FREE of charge. Check out our YouTube channel to view some impartial in house testing we have conducted regarding dry times and performance.  This can be seen by clicking here

4. How important is added Hygiene?

If you are buying a hand dryer for a clinical environment you will need a hygienic hand dryer. The hand dryer needs to remain hygienic long into its life cycle and the problem is hand dryers are tested when filters are new. Proper filter maintenance is important. All our enhanced hygiene hand dryers can be viewed by clicking here.

Taking hand hygiene through high performance drying to the next level is the eXtremeAir CPC hand dryer. This has been clinically proven in scientific laboratories, using its 100% natural cold plasma generator, to kill MRSA, influenza, c-diff, e-coli, salmonella, and staph as the drying takes place.  This is a hand dryer that really does end all reasonable debate about which is the most hygienic way of hand drying.  Be careful as there are a lot of imitations out there which claim to kill bacterial using cold plasma, however these imitations utilise ways that produce harmful levels of ozone.  The eXtremeAir CPC has been certified by the California Air Resources Board, one of the strictest regulators of ozone production in the world. We can provide you with all the scientific white papers regarding the testing on the eXtremeAir CPC hand dryer and are more than happy to send them to you. If a company cannot back up their claims with evidence we recommend you take caution of their product, as again there is a lot of mis-marketing out there without the facts to back it up!

We hope this has given you food for thought and given you an idea of what to look for when choosing a hand dryer for different locations.

*** 2017 update – please note the above information regarding CPC technology was correct at the time and date the post was published.  We are awaiting further guidance from the manufacturer regarding the efficacy of these claims.


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