IFS Will Be Supplying Water Efficient Sensor Taps

Being UK’s top website in energy efficient hand dryers and also encouraging accessibility with grab rails and Doc M packs, Intelligent Facility Solutions is introducing a new bathroom fitting that saves water and improves hygiene, especially in commercial washrooms: sensor taps.

These automatic appliances are designed for low maintenance and use in restrooms at airports, shopping malls or education centres. 

Leading sensor tap manufacturer

We will market bathroom taps designed by Giampieri Rubinetterie, an experienced Italian brand that produces high quality brassware together with another European manufacturer, also a world leader in the field with decades of expertise.

These stylish and functional automatic basin taps can compete on the same level as the ones supplied by the major players in the UK market, like Franke and DVS, Armitage Shanks, Bristan, Delabie, Grohe or Sloan.

Main features of our commercial sensor taps

As we will detail in every product page and its documentation, Giampieri sensor taps comply with the regulations and give a step further to ensure safety, durability and the protection of the environment.

  • Waterproof components are used in the electrical connections.

  • Among other measures to prevent water leakage, the system includes a flexible hose that can support up to 15 bar pressure.

  • The material of the main parts of the tap is Brass 38 (chrome-plated yellow brass), whose features are non-porosity, high resistance to corrosion and no odour transfer to the water. In the alloys, unlike other models in the market, lead quantity (Pb) is minimal and lower than the safe amount recommended by law.

  • Giampieri sensor taps mean several points in LEED international certification program for green buildings.

Furthermore, this bathroom equipment specialist commits to consider any request from contractors and wholesalers regarding specifications such as water flow, power source or material.

As displayed in the picture, some Giampieri sensor soap dispensers match the layout of sensor taps; they can even share the power source.

You can check here our section of lavatory-mounted and wall-mounted sensor taps for washbasin. If you require further information, we encourage you to contact us. The team will assist you in relation to any query about our tapware, long life hand dryers, assorted grab rails or any of our other commercial washroom accessories.

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