Introducing Our New Brand - 'To the Pump'

You may have seen that we’ve launched a new brand called ‘To the Pump’. We decided to develop this new brand in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim to help businesses prepare for their return to work during and post pandemic. We are passionate in our belief in safety, fairness and sharing, and that’s why these form the very core values of To the Pump.

We're also aware of the environmental factor of the pandemic, especially when it comes to plastic waste and pollution. So, that's why waste reduction also forms one of the core values of To the Pump - offering products that are more long-term and sustainable options.

It’s a brand that has the community right at the heart of it, with 5% of the revenue going to our chosen charity: Self Help UK. They are a charity that tackle a wide range of problems that have cropped up during or because of the pandemic, through various self-help groups and mutual aid networks.

On top of this, we've also committed our Small Business Grant Fund of £10,000 to Self Help UK and their vital work.

We are not looking to make a profit off the pandemic, but instead simply want to ensure that we can offer customers the best prices on equipment and resources that are essential in the current climate we’re living in.

We have a wide range of products that fall into the following categories:

Hand sanitiser

5ltr Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Gel Refill

Hand soap

4 x 5L Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap

Hand dryers

Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

Air and surface sterilisers

Dryflow Air Steriliser (30m2)

Soap and hand sanitiser dispensers

Cleanflow 1.1L Auto Lotion Soap and Hand Sanitizer GEL Dispenser

Hand sanitiser stations

Cleanflow Automatic Hand Sanitiser Station with Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser

Anti-bacterial door handles

Purehold Antibacterial Door Handle Cover

To the Pump is also going to be putting out expert advice and support to help business owners make sense of the always-changing guidelines and legislation. We will be doing all the reading and research, so that you don't have to! We’ll be producing content such as re-opening checklists, myth busting features, and what the future of working life could look like in years to come.

If you have any questions or comments about To the Pump, then please do feel free to contact us or call us on 0114 354 0047.

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