Is The Airforce Hand Dryer The Best Hands Under Option?

The Airforce is probably the most prevalent compact, low energy, high speed hand dryer on the UK market, but is it the best?

One of the UK’s most popular hand dryers-Airforce mark III

The Airforce is supplied in the UK by Warner Howard through a network of wholesalers and on rental by PHS.

There is no doubt the Airforce hand dryer is an excellent product, however it is probably more down to the market coverage of PHS and how entrenched Warner Howard are in the specification market, than down to the performance of the product itself, as to why you see so many Airforce hand dryers.

We will compare the Airforce hand dryer that resells at between £280 and £380 with the Xcelerator that resells at £430 and £600, the T-Force available from £199 to £250 and finally the G-Force that is available from £169.

The Airforce vs Xcelerator Hand dryer

The Airforce hand dryer is rated at 1.1kw with an approximate 3.66 watt per dry consumption, the Xcelerator is rated at 1.4kw with a 3.88 watt per dry consumption, so there is very little in it. From an environmental point of view the both are imported from the USA so have a comparable carbon footprint and both are Greenspec listed.

The Xcelerator hand dryer is around 1 to 2 seconds quicker than the airforce, however the drying experience is less comfortably.

Airforce hand dryers have an on-site guarantee for 3 years, whereas the Xlerator has a 5 year replacement guarantee. Of course the cost of installing the replacement hand dryer won’t be covered.

The Airforce is a considerably quieter hand dryer than the Xcelerator, the difference between 79db and 90db is over double. The noise level is a major drawback of the Xcelerator.

Both the Airforce and the Xlerator hand dryers are available in 4 standard finishes, although the Xlerator is metal and stainless steel as opposed to ABS. The Airforce is coated with Steritouch, anti-bacterial surface protection which is nice but as both are no touch operation this is not a major factor.

The Airforce is lighter and more compact than the Xlerator, so easier for installers to fit and not restricted by walls that are low load bearing.

Overall you have to say the Aiforce is better value for money.
The Airforce vs T-Force hand dryer

The Airforce has the edge in terms of energy efficiency, however it is possible to reduce the heater element down on the T-Force and make the energy performance comparable.

The T-Force hand dryer is 2 seconds faster than the Airforce but unlike the Xcelerator emits a comparable noise level to the AIrforce hand dryer.

The T-Force is metal and stainless steel as opposed to plastic and comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee.
Considering the price is at least 30% less for the T-Force we think it offers superior value. It is also sold under the Dolphin Velocity BC001 and Air-Fury brands, although these are marketed at a higher price.

AirForce vs G-Force hand dryers

The G-Force hand dryer uses half the energy of the Airforce . It is rated at just 550 watts and uses between 1.52 and 2 watts per dry making it almost 100% more energy efficient than the Airforce.

The G-Force has a 5 year guarantee once again and is probably the only compact hand dryer that looks better than the Airforce. The G-Force is also marginally quieter and has a clean air HEPA filter option.

The Airforce hand dryer does not win against the G-Force is any respect, so considering the eco-friendly credentials, the style and the difference in price; we would urge all designers and architects to seriously consider specifying this product.

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