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School budgets are getting cut more and more.  Head teachers, school business managers and school bursars are having to find ways of saving money the best way they can because of this.

Parents, teachers and governors are really concerned that the quality of education is suffering because of funding shortages.  This can be because of limited teaching resources & basic supplies they can afford, increasing class sizes so limited teacher/student time and insufficient Career Professional Development (CPD) opportunities.

At the time of writing, this issue is being discussed in parliament, mainly due to petitions and campaigns to raise awareness.

Whilst this important topic continues to go on, schools are going to have to continue to try and save money and make the best of what they’ve got.

This blog post highlights one way significant amounts of money can be saved depending upon the drying method used in a school washroom and provides you with a calculator to work out the savings your own school could be making switching hand drying methods

How can schools save money?

A host of schools still purchase, or have facility management companies purchase for them, paper towels.  These are a constant source of annual spending, with hundreds of thousands of paper towels used a year, the amount spent can soon add up.

There are now a great deal of suitable hand dryers for schools.  These have many features which can cater for all requirements such as being robust, low noise if required and fast drying. 

The advantages of having hand dryers instead of paper towels in a school are many.

Find out how much your school could save!

  • If your school currently has paper towels or energy hungry conventional hand dryers, money could literally be going down the drain.  We have this online tool which will calculate approximate savings your school could be making switching to modern energy efficient hand dryers.

To give you an idea of the sort of savings different size schools could make using the Turboforce Junior PLUS hand dryer we have put together a few examples.

There are cost calculators on each product page of our website which will be able to calculate your savings based on a specific hand dryer of your choice

School sizeCosts and savings
Number of StaffNumber of PupilsNumber of Hand Dryers requiredAnnual Cost of paper to welsAnnual cost to use Energy efficient Hand DryersAnnual cost savingsApprox. reutrn on investment
151506£2,133.00£81.77£2,051.240.3 Years
4080010£10,728.00£411.24£10,316.760.1 Years
70160016£21,294.00£816.27£20,477.730.1 Years

As you will see substantial savings can be made by switching your hand drying method and the savings made make the return on investment very quick!

Can you afford not to switch?

Further reading

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