Taking environmentally concious hotel bathroom design to the next level

The small touches make the experience memorable…..

If you are looking to design a bathroom for a hotel and want to include some interesting innovation, the Dri-flow Dri-tap is that novel technology which will create a unique and memorable user experience.

The Dri-flow Dri-tap is an elegant brushed chromium nickel fixture that sits over the basin, alongside the water taps. The user effortlessly switches from washing hands to drying, causing no splashes on the bathroom floor. The innovation is ideal for eco hotels trying to reduce their footprint, as it can help hugely reduce the amount of cotton hand towels that require washing.

Impactful environmental innovation…….

If just a small portion of the 17 million plus hotel rooms switched to this technology it would have a significant impact on the hotel industries costs and more importantly the associated carbon footprint. The Guardian states that just two loads of washing are the equivalent to a London to Glasgow flight and 15 minute taxi ride either way.

So just imagine the reductions possible if the hotel industry adopted hand dryer tap technology….

Ambience unaffected…

The noise level can be reduced to just 69 dB(A), a comparable volume with a regular speaking voice so this would cause less disturbance than flushing the toilet. The Dryflow Dri-tap can also be retrofitted in the majority of cases and even customised to fit the existing fixtures.

Of course, bath and shower towels would still be present but this measure could eliminate that additional towel in each bathroom.

Less Towels, less laundry, less environmental impact, less cost and more creative and interesting design. Surely worth thinking about?

Soon to be available as a BIM object and in NBS plus software.

If you would like more information on the Dryflow Dri-tap please get in touch.

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