The Best Hand Dryers For Camping And Caravan Parks


Great advice for the washrooms and toilet blocks of camping and caravanning parks.

It is about this time of year camping and caravan parks spruce up their toilet blocks ready for the influx of customers in the spring and summer months. This could mean replacing equipment that has seen better days and let’s be right holiday parks can live or die by the reputation of their washroom facilities.  Get it wrong and it can put people off coming back.  Get it right and the satisfaction campers get from being able to wash in comfort and cleanliness will be achieved.

Many a time I have been to a holiday site’s facilities to be greeted by a hand dryer that wouldn’t put out a birthday candle never mind dry the hands successfully.  This leads to a number of things including:

  • A Build-up of people in a small washroom waiting to dry their hands
  • General discontent and cause for complaint as the holiday goes on
  • The use of the back of the trousers on the way out on many occasions.

You could always move to using paper towels, however these are well known to be extremely bad for the environment, leave washrooms untidy, create extra work to be replenished and disposed of, and cost on average thousands of pounds more a year than an energy efficient, high speed hand dryer.

On a serious note, wet hands can carry the most bacterial.  The spread of germs over a camp site is not something the owner would want to be promoting.  Therefore it is essential you can provide customers with adequate hand drying facilities.

On a lighter note, a hand dryer with hot air is a sort after piece of equipment on those cold, crisp evenings to warm the finger tips.  There is nothing worse than washing cold hands and then having a cold and ineffective puff of air blown onto them. Let’s also face facts, hand dryers are used for not only warming the hands but drying spillages on clothes or those rain soaked items that occur from time to time from the British weather.

So what do we recommend?

As a starting point we would certainly point you in the direction of the Turboforce hand dryer or eXtremeair GXT hand dryer for these reasons:

  • High speed with a warm air flow (heater element can be switched off if need be in the warmer months, to save energy)
  • Super-fast dry times of under 12 seconds – these have been independently tested by us, the videos of which can be seen on the website – no waiting around and no hand left wet!
  • Solid build – campers can sometimes get a little giddy and accidental vandalism could come into play.  With a 5 year guarantee and extra features such as anti-tamper screws and solid steel back plates, these are made to last.
  • Adjustable motor speed which reduces the sound level – ideal if your toilet block is situated near a tent or caravan pitch where the noise of the hand dryers may be a cause for complaint.

These hand dryers really will get talked about, and not in a bad way!  Could they be a deal breaker for someone to ensure they return and also recommend your park?  It may seem trivial but I have seen this for myself that it can win over new and retain existing customers when they are sleeping under the elements night after night.

On another note you may want to consider a hands and face model so that you don’t have to replace or install hair dryers.   Something like the Airdri Quarto or Ultradry Pro 1 have the facility to turn the nozzle so that both hands and face/hair drying can be satisfied.  Not the quickest in dry times but effective none the less.  It all comes down to what you want to provide your guests.

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