The G-Force v the Kangarillo hand dryer review

This week we have decided to review the Kangarillo hand dryer and G-Force hand dryer. The G-Force has recently been launched onto the UK market at a comparable price to the Kangarillo, a hand dryer that has become popular in the UK over the last couple of years.


The Kangarillo is a Chinese manufactured replica of the Xlerator hand dryer, Xlerator is made in the USA that was launched about 12 years ago. The Kangarillo achieves a similar performance to the Xlerator albeit the airflow is not quite as powerful and the motor runs a little quieter. The Kangarillo hand dryer has the same powerful concentrated single airflow that forces the water from the hands while at the same time evaporating additional moisture with the additional heat. The Kangarillo is a decent quality hand dryer and certainly better than some of the other Xlerator copies that have come from China but don’t be fooled the quality of components is nowhere near that of the Xlerator, however for less than half the price you wouldn’t expect it to have. Technically it also infringes on Xlerator’s design and original patent, however there are abundance of copies now out there, so we are not sure they are enforcing protection.

It will be interesting to see how a powerful company like Dyson, who are well known for strongly enforcing patents react to the Dyson Airblade-esque copies that are starting to emerge from China, Although they have no patent on the blade type hand dryer, as it was a concept developed originally by Mitsubishi they are sure to get tough on close design copies.

The Kangarillo hand dryer is fast, however the single concentrated air outlet is less consistent than blade hand dryers. Blade airflows can be available on hands under hand dryers (stealthforce, iflow and G-Force) as well as hands in hand dryers (airblade etc), we simply use the term to denote a line of air jets that scrapes moisture from the hands rather than airflows that force  water off using a single or configuration of concentrated jet airflows.

Blade hand dryers are more consistently effective as they scrape water off the hands in a single direction, other high speed hand dryers such as the Kangarillo disperse the water in random directions which can lead to moisture being simply moved from one area of the hands to the next.

The G-Force hand dryer is made in the EU and is an original design. The designers have essentially looked at many of the new developments in hand dryers and effectively incorporated them into a cutting edge hand dryer.

The new G-Force hand dryer has a blade airflow that scrapes moisture from the hands in a downward direction, so it can be relied upon to produce consistent dry times, time after time. The G-Force is available as a 1.1kw or 0.55kw version. The 1.1kw version has a more powerful motor (32,000) than the Kangarillo and the 0.55kw is p slightly less powerful (26,000), however the G-Force 550w hand dryer is focussed primarily on energy reduction at the expense of some speed.

Both G-Force versions use less energy than the Kangarillo, however the real benefit is when changing from a conventional hand dryer to a low energy high speed model as opposed to moving from one energy efficient model to the other. Still, the G-Force will save around 2 watts per dry against the Kangarillo.

A major advantage of the G-Force hand dryer is the 5 year guarantee and the fact it is made in the EU by a long standing manufacturer, it means that the purchase offers you a greater level of security and continuity for years to come. Faults on hand dryers outside the guarantee period can end up costing much more than the original hand dryer did, as you need to purchase a new unit then pay for removal and another to be installed by a qualified electrician. The G-Force is certified in the EU which gives extra insurance that the product adheres to required standards

The G-Force hand dryer also has additional hygiene benefits. There is an optional HEPA 13 filter available to cleanse the airflow and anti-bacterial surface protection to prevent bacteria forming inside and on outer surfaces.

Kangarillo hand dryers are selling well but isn’t it simply a copy of the Xlerator

Looks that way…….. 

Xlerator is a high quality USA manufactured, high speed hand dryer

The G-Force also incorporates a UV light that activates to show the optimum drying distance as you dry your hands which although it has little practical use looks really cool and adds to the products fantastic looks.


The Kangarillo is a decent Chinese made hand dryer, albeit a copy. We think the G-Force just offers more in the way of energy efficiency, hygiene and peace of mind.

We hope you found this comparison useful, feel free to contact us for information on any hand dryer options you may be considering.

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