3 Practical Fittings for Toilet Cubicle Doors


A toilet cubicle door can be more than a panel with hinge and a doorknob. The market offers a few interesting accessories that stretch out the life expectancy of the products, make visits to the toilet quicker (so necessary in some theatres) and even improve users’ safety.

1) Door hook with bumper

A floor mounted door stop is a very common accessory in domestic buildings. In commercial areas, it can be integrated in the door hook, especially in those areas with little space or where one wishes to avoid a separate fixing into the wall or floor. Just a rubber buffer on the edge of the item will prevent harm to the wall and reduce noise when opening the door.

2) Magnetic door holder

In long rows of toilet partitions, it is sometimes difficult for the visitor to distinguish which compartment remains available. A magnetic door holder will retain the door once the user has opened it leaving no doubt for the first person in the queue.

3) Emergency door lock

The occupancy indicator and quick release are appreciated features of a bathroom stall door lock. But, the must have appears to be an emergency door lock. Such an item allows to simply release the mechanism in case of failure with a common tool like a coin, a regular key or a screwdriver, whether from the inside or to access from the outside.

As you have just read, bathroom compartments can provide much more service than we can think initially. And beyond the aforementioned useful toilet cubicle fittings, there is also an extremely varied world of toilet paper dispensers, toilet brush sets or sanitary disposal units. In any case, to choose the best suitable item, one must consider the space, the real needs of the facilities (how many daily users?) and the premises décor.

Should you need further advice on washroom accessories or appliances like commercial soap dispensers, sensor taps or energy efficient hand dryers, please, contact us by phone, email or form. From bathroom grab rails to folding baby changing tables, we aim at making an assorted range of restroom and toilet cubicle products with plentiful information for customers.

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