Help Finding The Right Hand Dryer For A N13 – 472 Specification

If you come across a project that states N13-472 and no accompanying supplier is listed, then it is simply a case of identifying a hand dryer appropriate for the location it is being fitted. Here are a few tools you can use to help you specify the right hand dryer for the project

Product dimensions

You may need to consider the size of the hand dryer, in which case you can use our simple and easy to use filter by size tool to find a dryer within the size parameters available. This is located on the left hand side in any main hand dryer category. How to do this is in the video below.

IP Ratings

You will also need to look at the intended position of the hand dryer in relation to sources of water and use the zone guidelines to select the appropriate hand dryer. You can find out more about IP ratings by clicking on the link.

We also have a search you can use on each hand dryer category to search for hand dryer with any IP you need and above.

Intelligent Search

Obviously after these practical and regulatory considerations then there are numerous tools on our site to help you identify the most appropriate option. You can view the video tutorial for using our Intelligent Search below

Our RIBA Product Selector page can be viewed by clicking here

To view N13/472 hand drier options click here

Our NBS PLUS hand dryers can be viewed by clicking here

Our BIM Object hand dryers can be viewed by clicking here

For more information or for help in finding your ideal hand dryer, please contact us on 0114 3540047, use our contact us page by clicking here or click to visit the website.

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