What on earth is urinal cake and how safe is it?

Don’t worry this has nothing to do with hipsters taking over former toilets and turning them into patisseries as well as trendy bars. Urinal cake or channel blocks are those brightly coloured blocks that sit in the urinals, typically made up of a chemical named paradichlorobenzene, these are there to overpower and soak up the smells created by the urine that isn’t being flushed down the drain.

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It seems this particular chemical may be pretty bad for our health, so please don’t eat them as this rather challenged individual did for a bet….

Oh dear! I remember some pretty stomach churning acts being performing at University, but that really is stupid.

I am sure he wouldn’t have done that had he read the article in the New York Post whichrecently reported legislation being passed regarding the use of urinal cakes in schools. They have been prohibitted in schools due to the discovery they were creating toxic fumes. It was reported that the toxic chemical can cause headaches and even nerve damage and liver disease, so the decision to remove them from environments frequented by the most vulnerable was taken.

On a more practical level, urinal cakes can cause blockages in pipes and become mixed with other waste that lands in the toilet. Urinal screens offer a more practical solution, preventing debris from blocking pipes and de-odourising effectively.

Combine these with an air and surface steriliser and the result is less urine smell transmitting into the air and engraining surfaces.

So maybe you knew urinal cakes as channel blocks, either way, if you are still using them in your toilet facilities maybe you need to think again and consider biodegradable urinal mats as an option. They are non-toxic, are less likely to cause bloackages and restrict splash back.

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