Which Hand Dryer? Dyson Airblade V HU02 or the Dryflow G-Force MKII?

The hand dryer market is always advancing in revolutionary technology to keep dry speeds fast, energy levels low, noise levels at a minimum and construction solid.  Although not the most complicated job of an electrician’s repertoire, anything that can make the job of installing hand dryers easier and quicker is welcomed.  Also, making sure they can come at any stage of a new washroom fit out makes their diary easier to manage. No more waiting for painting to be finished before fitting etc. From a maintenance point of view, keeping costs low and making it easier to repair should a fault occur is a great bonus for the customer.

Here are 2 hand dryers that match all the expectations required in a quality hand dryer, with both utilising a new way of installation that make the above a reality.  But which one would be your choice?  Read on to help you make the decision.

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Dyson Airblade V HU02



Dryflow G-Force MKII

D12 Seconds Dry Time 12 – 15 Seconds (proven by in-house testing)
1000W Rated Power 420W – 1500W (adjustable settings)
3.33W (based on manufacturer stated dry time)  Energy Per Dry  4.28W (at full speed without heat)
79dB (has achieved the Quiet Mark accreditation)  Noise Level 67 – 74dB (At 2M – adjustable settings)
Digital V4 Brushless Motor  Type of Motor Brushed Motor
1500+ (tested to continuous use but not to failure – would be expected to surpass this) Motor Life Hours  3000
500+ Suitable Daily Uses  up to 500
40p (based on manufacturer tested dry time)  Cost Per 1000 Dries  51p (at full speed without heat)
Made from tough and durable ABS polycarbonate and uses anti-tamper 4mm Pin-Hex screw  Vandal Resistance Thick 1.5mm steel and stainless steel cover
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee – On-site or replacement warranty
  • Back plate mounting bracket – allows a first phase installation – can be mounted or removed from the wall quickly and easily thanks to its innovative back plate
  • Extremely slim unit, just 10cm deep! – dimensions are H394 x W234 x D100mm
  • Antibacterial coating type: Contains antibacterial additive in fascia. Can help prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • HEPA filter (glass fibre and fleece prelayer)
  • IP24
 Other Key Features
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Back plate mounting bracket – allows a first phase installation – can be mounted or removed from the wall quickly and easily thanks to its innovative back plate
  • Concealed heater element switch allow heat to be turned on or off
  • Adjustable motor for reduced noise and energy consumption as well as base plate silencer blocks to minimise wall vibrations
  • Dimensions H330 x W213 x D170mm
  • IP23
White £489 / Nickel £520 correct at time and date of post  Price Online White £299 / Brushed Satin £339.99 / Polished Chrome £339.95 correct at time and date of post

The above table shows the similarities and differences between the 2 hand dryers.  Although the Dyson V would be expected to be marginally quicker, our inhouse testing has proven that the Dryflow G-Force MKII is no slouch in the high-speed category and users are certainly not disappointed with the drying time.  It is in fact right up there with the fastest hand dryers available.

Both hand dryers would stand up to any unwanted abuse so would be more than capable to be placed in busy public locations.  This is also backed up by the long-life motors provided in each unit, although for extreme use, (over 500 uses a day) the Dyson HU02 may be the better choice of the two.  That said the G-Force MKII is well up to the job of coping with heavy traffic use without compromise.

The HU02 has been upgraded with a very energy efficient 1kW rated power, whilst keeping a great dry time and keeping the noise levels low.   This unit has in fact been awarded the Quiet Mark for its low noise levels. Without the heater element engaged, which is there purely for comfort on the hands, the G-Force MKII runs at 1.1kW at top speed which is very comparable.  It is one of the lowest energy consuming hand dryers at its lowest settings at just 420W, so if energy efficiency is one of your main criteria for a hand dryer then this is one of the best.

The main thing that sets these 2 hand dryers apart from others on the market is the fact they come with a separate backplate installation.  The benefits of this have been described in this post here.  Essentially the install of the back plate can take place without the need to fit the main unit.  Therefore, it is an easier fitting process as well as making maintenance work cheaper and more efficient.  Basically, anyone can take the main hand dryer on and off the backplate safely, once the security screws have been removed of course.

Cost to Run Comparisons

Based on the following scenario:

  • Existing solution: Paper towels
  • Type of location: Office
  • Number of staff: 350
  • Number of dryers required: 6
Dyson Airblade V Dryflow G-Force MKII

(at full speed without heat)

Annual Paper Towel Cost £3,583.13 £3,583.13
Annual Savings Vs Paper Towels £3,419.33 £3,395.44
Annual Running Costs £163.80 £187.69
Payback ROI   0.9 Years 0.4 Years

To view the costs associated with each hand dryer based on your own location and number of uses please click on the links below:

Dyson Airblade V Cost Calculator Click Here
Dryflow G-Force MKII Cost Calculator Click Here

Final Thoughts

Both the Dyson V HU02 and Dryflow G-Force MKII are taking the installation of hand dryers to the next level by using their cutting-edge back plate technology to make the fitting process and aftercare a whole lot easier.  Installers love the ease of fitting, and customers love the fact call out charges to take the hand dryer off the wall, should a fault develop, are negligible as anyone can take the hand dryer off the wall without risk to safety.  It also means you have the ability to upgrade to the newest model of the hand dryer in the future without uninstalling the electrics.  Just unplug the old and plugin the new when it arrives.

The Dyson V is suited to those that need a slimline unit.  However, the G-Force MKII is not as tall as the HU02 and slightly narrower, so each have their own compact features depending on where the smaller dimensions are required in the washroom.  You will not need a large wall footprint for either of these hand dryers.

The ability to turn the heater element on or off in the G-Force MKII is a real plus point for this unit.  The high speed, energy efficient nature of both units mean that colder air is initially forced out, as it is the velocity of the airflow which dry’s the hands, not the ineffective heat evaporation used in older conventional units.  However, in heavy traffic locations the residual heat generated by the motor gives the impression that a heated airflow is present.  In less frequently used washrooms, or indeed in winter months when instant heat is preferable, the cold air can be unpleasant for some users.  So, although the rated power does increase somewhat with a heater element engaged, the ability to turn this on and off via a concealed switch gives the location real customisation throughout the year.

Being a lower priced hand dryer, you would expect a quicker return on investment from the G-Force MKII.  The HU02 does however come with a 5 year guarantee as opposed to the 3 years of the G-Force MKII, but within this period a complete new G-Force MKII will be sent out to rectify any fault should parts not be available to sort any problem.

All in all, 2 high speed fast drying hand dryers that are robust and energy efficient.  Each have their own unique qualities, however the thing that would put these at the top of installers minds is the aforementioned 1st phase installation process.  We really do feel this is going to answer a lot of issues in the building, construction, design and maintenance sectors.


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