About Vent-Axia Hand Dryers

The Vent-Axia brand is very well-known and specialises in the manufacture of a number of quality products. Vent-Axia has an extensive hand dryer range suitable for use in many locations, from pubs and restaurants to hotels, schools, service stations and retail centres. The company build hand dryers that have proven popular with varying markets over a long period of time.

Vent-Axia Hand Dryers

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From €149,99

  • Cover and base: high gloss, fire retardant ABS/polycarbonate alloy
  • Motor: 2700rpm external rotor, brushless external rotor motor
  • Double insulated appliance
  • Finish

From €180,00

  • Satin polished stainless steel cover
  • External Rotor Brushless Motor 2700 rpm
  • Insulation: earthed Class 1
  • Finish
    Brushed Satin

From €210,00

  • 2.4kw rated power
  • 5500 rpm motor produces air velocity 275m3/hr
  • Insulation Earthed Class I
  • Finish

From €239,99

  • Low Watt - 80% saving on running costs compared to conventional dryers
  • Steel 1.2mm epoxy coated cover
  • Infrared automatic operation; Infrared range automatic
  • Finish

From €474,00

  • Automatic double sided high speed jet hand dryer.
  • 99.9% HEPA Filter
  • UV sterilisation
  • Finish