About World Dryer Hand Dryers

World Dryer is based in Berkley, USA and is the longest-standing and possibly biggest name in the global hand dryer market. Their old 'work horse' models that were ubiquitious throughout the UK have largely been superseded by the faster and more energy efficient Airforce and SmartDri hand dryer brands which have become equally as popular. World dryer offer great colour options, consistent performance and quality you can trust. For large contracts contact us direct for our best prices.

World Dryer Hand Dryers

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From €702,00

  • Long life, durable hand dryer - 600,000 dry brush life
  • Costs 0.12p per dry - 1000 dries for 1.21p
  • Unconditional 5 year on site guarantee for total peace of mind.
  • Finish
    Polished Chrome (Automatic)