Our Purpose

 ‘To create a consistently fulfilling, rewarding and caring environment, so that our people can thrive. learn and make an ever-increasing contribution to our ultimate goal of providing knowledge, products and services that eliminate waste and reduce production’


Our principles are:

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Inclusiveness
  • Education

Principles are fundamental truths like the 10 commandments, the constitution of a nation. The idea is that reverting back to these provides consistency and identity, in a company this becomes more important as we grow. Its helps people understand what we are about and think 'how should I act in this situation'. It might not always deliver the best short-term results by sticking to principles but in the long term it’s very important in building trust. Before we can market ourselves in a certain way, it needs to fundamentally be guided by our principle’s and values for these to be true. 

1. Integrity

 We will always endeavour to not speak ill of each other, suppliers, customers or stakeholders. If there is an issue we shall work proactively and talk openly to find solutions, not silently build up resentment. Never descend into blame but show patience and understanding of each other. Giving an opportunity to hear the other side.

We will never knowingly mis-lead.

Open and constructive communication. A culture of being able to address issues head on. People have different perspectives and understanding is the key to finding synergies and building trust.

What does this mean in practise?

If we say we are going to do something we do it, people internally and externally rely on us to do what we say we are going to do. This requires us to be realistic about what we can do and ask for help when we need it. Over promising and underdelivering undermines our core principals.

We always tell the truth to customers, even if its not the answer we want to hear.

Mostly its self-explanatory but a good way of understanding this principle is that there is a gap between emotion and rational thought. Part of a person’s character is their ability to find the space for emotions to die down while they try and understand where someone is coming from. No one ever reacts well to being told they are wrong or to conflict, listening and reflecting back problems to the person they are communicating with allows communication to be complete and productive.

When we communicate with customers in a tricky situation, we must see it from their point of view, empathise and define the problem so we can find a solution. This is not to say we allow customers to dictate to us, but we take the time to fully understand the situation and come up with fair and agreeable soultions.

2. Empathy

This is the principle of seeking first to understand before making judgement. Whether you are in sales, accounts, marketing we must understand what others are truly saying to us. This is not always easy but we must ask ourselves whether we have truly tried to do this before coming up with solutions or making judgements. It is the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes.  Giving others time to be heard and suspending your own agenda to truly hear them.

3. Inclusiveness

It is fundamental that the people within our organisation feel valued and equal. This happens through a freedom to express opinions and to be heard.

4. Education

Education is the cornerstone of improvement and growth. We must always seek to learn and develop. Personal development, social interaction and training are key drivers in a persons character. Education about the environment and our impact open it are fundamental to what we do.

Our values

Our values are:

  • Good humour
  • Disruptiveness 
  • Flexibility 
  • Continued growth
  • Sustainability 
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty

1. Good humour

We need to enjoy ourselves while at work, so joking and laughing is a great part of our day, it improves the atmosphere to all and transmits to our customers. We need to do this respectfully of others feelings and characteristics!

2. Disruptiveness

This covers innovation whether it be of a product or a way of doing things. We are currently disrupting the market by becoming a fast service rental provider, shaking up the historically slow and inefficient way of doing business that the service operators persist with.

We segment the market in new ways (product use levels), differentiating features, we bring extra knowledge and help to customers. We are developing unique products and bringing in services and initiatives which set us apart.

We need to encourage new thinking and ideas to flourish.

3. Flexibility

We are the company that does what we can within reason to find a solution for customers. We quote on every option, we investigate every possibility and we communicate to try and come up with a solution that facilitates business. We do this without ever misleading customers or giving false expectations. If there is an issue we address it and find solutions. We have a huge range and a good overview of the market so we are agile to remain competitive. Our offer and approach to customer service adapts to the needs of the marketplace.

Demonstrated through:

  • Payment options
  • Installation options
  • Huge range of products to fulfil different needs and price points
  • Our ‘can do’ attitude when dealing with customers and internal difficulties.
  • Finding logical ‘better ways’ through discussion and initiative.
  • Developing our ability to listen and get to the heart of a situation.

4. Continued Sustainable Growth 

We must always strive for growth to create more opportunities, to give more, to help generate growth for our partners while at the same time reducing our own and helping our customers to reduce their co2 emissions. We do this through innovation and disruption to the market place, an obsession with finding a better way. We believe in diversity and the creative force that this brings about fresh thinking, positivity and new ways of generating profit.

  • Our products and services must always seek to offer more than the market previously offered both environmentally and technically.
  • Growth of the business is key to us offering more opportunities to our people, to bringing in new people, to our ability to be more charitable and to having a positive environmental impact.
  • Growth in ourselves as individuals accelerates our collective ability to create more wealth. i.e. learning a new skill can bring new revenue to the organisation
  • Ambitious growth and reinvestment plans, clear collective and individual goals. Ideas forums (ideas book or file). Regular meet ups.

This is being lived through our 

5. Sustainability

We have to be honest in that we sell environmentally beneficial products but do we live with this as a value? If we are entirely honest with ourselves the answer is that we have much to do.

We need to document this transformation and integrate this as a core value

  1. Championing environmental benefits – all kinds of issues, become a hub for content/ideas
  2. Wider injustices of environment
  3. Reducing waste, how can businesses and individuals take steps
  4. What is the impact of everyday things
  5. Encourage reduce, reuse, recycle.
  6. Initiatives
  7. Packaging
  8. Support of Eco projects
  9. Our own energy use – solar, smart meters
  10. Suppliers environmental policies ‘about the producer’
  11. Focus on products that reduce waste, environmental footprint.

6. Knowledge

We must always seek to understand the customer and use our knowledge to help them make the most informed and best value decision possible.

  • High level questioning and pain uncovering. Listening intently and responding appropriately to uncover pain and the real solution
  • Detailed product information, matching effectively with customer’s needs
  • Ongoing product training
  • Market overview – able to easily compare with competitor’s products
  • Affiliated with best brands
  • Tools online – intelligent search, lifespan calculator, filters etc
  • Blogs
  • Guides
  • Overviews of science
  • Product reviews

7. Honesty

How do we deliver and communicate this?

  • Honest advice, we never overstate performance, we say exactly how it is.
  • Videos showing real dry times
  • Good reviews of our products and services
  • Helpful free articles and resources
  • Clear questioning to uncover customers true needs
  • Solution selling not profit selling – advice is based on best fit/value
  • Turnaround times on returns within parameters
  • Proactive resolution of problems, reasonable/fair service before profit
  • Give customers true information about deliveries/stock availability
  • Accountability for our own mistakes, internally and externally. Mistakes happen, the mark is how we tackle, rectify and learn from them.