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September 2019 - The Star (Sheffield)

Sheffield company releases guide to clean up recycling ‘mess’

A Sheffield-based company has created a guide to help simplify recycling after complaints from councillors and residents. Intelligent Hand Dryers, on Concourse Way, said they found people were ‘baffled’ about what they are able to put in brown waste bins.... read more

The full blog post and infographics can be seen here: Recycling plastics in Sheffield – what can we actually recycle?

September 2019 - The Times, This Morning, Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 5, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Northern Ireland, BBC Radio Sheffield.

Single use plastic ban in the office

As part of the company's policy of banning single use plastic in the office we wrote this blog post A ban on plastics – Draconian and infringing on people’s rights or a positive step?

This received coverage on radio and TV including interviews and discussions on the following channels with hosts including Eammon Holmes & Ruth Langford, Jeremy Vine and Adrian Chiles:

This story was picked up by numerous newspaper outlets including The Times. Click on the image to read the full article.

July 2019 - Facilities Management Journal (FMJ)

Intelligent Facility Solutions is helping businesses to focus on sustainability, the environment, cost reduction and minimising waste

Intelligent Facility Solutions Ltd is a full-service provider of products that improve sustainability, reduce waste and lower costs within commercial buildings.... read more

Click on the image to read the full article

September 2018 - BBC Radio 4


Because of his expertise and reputation for trust, Andrew Cameron was recently sought after for an interview about our industry on BBC Radio 4.... read more

March 2017 - Hotel Magazine

Quiet Mark Reveals UK’s Top 10 Quietest Hand Dryers

Intelligent Hand Dryers has the most approved products on the list...read more

December 2016 - PSS Magazine

Time is up for Ear-Blasting Technology, Peaceful Washrooms are Back!

Andy Cameron, Sales Director of Intelligent Hand Dryers, says: “We have campaigned for an industry standard for acoustic and noise levels.....read more