Not sure whether to rent or buy your hand dryer outright?

We offer a range of flexible options for acquiring hand dryers.


Rent on a 3, 4 or 5 year term. You can rent any type of dryer as long as it is suitable for the location it’s going into.

We can provide a price for a dryer on its own, a dryer installed into an existing electrical circuit (i.e. a swap over or where there is currently a spare fused spur) or for a completely new install. Create the package to suit!

Rental includes on-site break down for the term of the contract for total peace of mind with the option to continue or upgrade at the end of the term.

You can also tag on our complete range of washroom services like sanitary bin servicing, air fresheners, urinal dosing etc on flexible contracts.

To RENT simply chose your product in the normal way, then click the rent option. Then follow the on page steps below:

Why Rental?

  • Rental gives total, peace of mind. If there is a problem, just call us and we will sort it out.
  • Rental reduces upfront costs, e.g. Dyson units are over £650 to buy and with no electrics in place this could be a fairly sizeable upfront cost
  • Rental is not a capital purchase so you can expense the entire cost.
  • A great way of bundling high install costs into a long term payment

Why is our rental different?

The established big washroom providers have a limited range of units, we match the specific needs of your location and listen to your exacting demands to ensure we provide the most suitable dryer from our huge range.

We build a flexible package that works with your budget and policies. The big washroom providers have standard packages, a one size fits all approach which sometimes works for you but often means the optimal value is not achieved i.e. If you have someone to install the dryer yourself, you can lower the rental cost substantially with us.

Our contracts are fair and there is no nasty small print. We exist to break the mould and provide a better way. At the end of your contract you are free to continue, cancel or upgrade at any point there is no auto-contract renewal tying you in for another lengthy period, so there is no need to worry!

Buy outright

This is of course the cheapest option in the long term and you can still add on on-site break down cover for extra peace of mind if you like. Our dryers are backed by industry leading guarantees as standard.

  • Lowest overall cost