We supply wholesalers up and down the country from local independents to national groups.

We look to actively support wholesalers by being a one stop for all your sales team’s enquiries.

We have the knowledge and expertise to find the right products, at the right price for your customers. Discounts are in direct correlation to your commitment to working with us, whether that be in terms of stock or allowing us to work closely on projects with you.

We can become your extra salesperson, your industry expert that helps you win more business and deliver the understanding your customers need.

Stocking distributors receive the best prices and support, so contact us today to find out how much more we can do for you than your existing hand dryer supplier, including our business generating click and collect and project referral system.

We have working hand dryer displays in Electricbase stores throughout the UK.

Includes customer information to make sure each hand dryer provides value for money and a good product lifespan.