• Dimensions: 108 (W) x 242 (H) x 107 (D) mm
  • Capacity: 800ml (27-fl oz)
  • Foam viscosity supported: up to 150cP
  • Sensing delay time: between 0.5 and 1 second
  • Housing material: satin 304 stainless steel
  • Clear acrylic refill-indicator window
  • Battery required: 4 units of alkaline 1.5V type-AA (not included)
  • Batteries average performance: 70,000 cycles (1 year)
  • Room temperature: 5-40 ºC
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Plastic anchors, mounting screws and special key are provided
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This Bobrick foaming soap dispenser has a sensor-activated valve that reacts approximately one second after the users place their hands in the 60mm range. Since no contact is required from the user, B-2013 foam dispenser improves hygiene in commercial and public restrooms, as well as accessibility. It accepts foam soap, concentrated foam soap or cartridge foam soap, with viscosities ranging from 0-150cP. A clear window indicates the soap level of the reusable 800ml container. A special key is provided for top refilling.

The sensor should be at least 200mm from the counter (or floor); it will adjust to the surrounding conditions. One cannot control its settings, so the manufacturer recommends to check if it is working properly before drilling.

Its satin finished stainless steel is a durable material, which will last for a long time if the cleaning tips below are followed. Wash the reservoir conscientiously every time; never with abrasive solutions.

A blue LED indicates that the unit is in use. If it flashes, it means low battery. The mechanism works with four alkaline 1.5V type-AA cell batteries; beware that they are not furnished in the package. Do not immerse or put this dispenser under running water.

Gamco, a Bobrick division, markets this product with the code G-950FA.

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Applications:Adapted toilets for disabled, Public Toilet, Wash basin

Regarding soap dispensers in accessible toilets, what do English regulations recommend?

Approved Document M mentions two matters that would affect soap dispensers: contrast and location.

1) Bathroom fittings must have enough contrast among them and with the floor or walls, so that people with visual impairments or other conditions (dementia) can distinguish them.

Every surface has a LRV (light reflectance value) score. The difference between two finishes should be at least 30 points according to Document M. For example, white (85) can be combined with brushed stainless steel (45), but not with beige (70).

2) Several drawings illustrate in Document M how the toilet appliances and accessories have to be placed and at what distances. Diagram number 19 describes a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet with a corner WC. As you can see, the soap dispenser (SD) is located above the washbasin, at 800-1000mm from the floor.

DocM diagram 19 about the fittings in a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet with corner WC

For what these regulations say about taps, we can also conclude that soap dispensers should be easily operated by all type of users.

This information has been shared following the Open Government License v3.0 of Document M. 

Please, note that our interpretation could have mistakes. For further details about this, please, read the source text or consult a professional.

Which soap dispenser to choose in order to save costs?

We've gathered in this blogpost how to calculate the expenses and which factors bear in mind when choosing a soap dispenser.

Anything practical to know about infrared sensors?

The proximity sensors in our taps and some soap dispensers use active infrared technology: they detect the infrared radiation that a close object (in their range) reflects back. This means that hands, washroom accessories or just even dirt near them will activate them.

Furthermore, infrared sensors can misinterpret certain situations and open the solenoid valve when they are not suppose to:

  • Mirrors and very reflective finishes (like polished chrome) in front of them will send confusing signals if they are closer than 1.5 metre to the tap. One must be careful for example with the elements of the basin bowl: the spout of wall-mounted sensor taps should be at least 300mm away from the bottom of the sink and not facing a shiny basin plug. Tap sensors can also react if a person is wearing striking garments.
  • Other infrared sensors opposite them also imply unintended triggers.

Therefore, we encourage you to read the installation guidelines the manufacturer provides and accept that accidental unlocks are a (rare) fact.

Guarantee1 Year
ConstructionMaterialsStainless steel and plastic
Packed Weight1.38 kg
FinishesBrushed Stainless Steel
DimensionsProduct Height242 mm
Product Width108 mm
Product Depth107 mm
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