Bobrick B-254 Sanitary Disposal Bin (Satin)


Applications: Adapted toilets for disabled, Healthcare, Public Toilet, WC

This Bobrick sanitary disposal bin is a very compact and durable surface mounted unit, simple to use by any visitor yet with a minimalist layout that covers the disposal. B-254 comes with a removable leak proof container and a self-closing panel whose bottom is hemmed for safety. To properly identify the bin, it is labelled with an international graphic symbol for sanitary towel disposal. While the cabinet, hinged door and spring-loaded panel are made of long-lasting stainless steel in a contemporary satin finish, the waste receptacle is manufactured with rigid polyethylene. Bear in mind that the package does include the corresponding key for the vandal resistant tumbler lock. Should you be interested, disposable paper liners are an optional accessory for this container (B-353-12). 

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  • 1 Year Guarantee
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  • Dimensions: 385 (H) x 270 (W) x 105 (D) mm
  • Capacity: 4.6 litres
  • Self-closing panel
  • Optional: Disposable paper liners for the container (Part No. 353-12)
  • Material: satin 304 stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Recycled metal: 67%
  • Fixing points: 4
  • Series: Classic
  • Key is included
What features to look for when buying bathroom waste bins?

This blog post sums up the main features we would look for when purchasing a sanitary or general waste bin for bathrooms, especially at commercial facilities with high traffic.

How to handle human hygiene waste?

The UK has different regulations and recommendations to handle sanpro waste (sanitary towels, nappies, incontinence pads) depending on its hazard level and the facilities where it is disposed.

We encourage you to read through the official guidance on the subject. As a summary, we understand that:

  • If it originated from a healthy population, it can be disposed with general household waste.
  • Should it be produced in large amounts, like may happen in nurseries, schools or motorway services areas, it is advisable to package it away from other waste.
  • When the household waste is classified as hazardous, it must be securely transported and disposed in appropriate containers by a healthcare professional or collected as healthcare waste by the local authorities (who may charge for it).
  • Clinical waste must be handled following the law by entities with a waste management license. You will find more information in the webpage linked above and this guide.
What are the pros and cons of each finish?

We have written a blogpost about it. Please, click here.

Guarantee 1 Year
Construction Materials 304 stainless steel and polyethylene
Packed Weight 3.11 kg
Finishes Brushed Stainless Steel
Dimensions Product Height 385 mm
Product Width 270 mm
Product Depth 105 mm
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