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    SDRBR7 is the ideal complement for the following hand held hair dryers at medium traffic locations: EPAVMC (Master), EPAVJB (Silent Jet) and EPAVNB (Nano).

    Applications:Changing room, Gym, Hotel, Spa & Wellness, Swimming Pool

    Could you give me some guidance on choosing the most suitable hair dryer?

    First of all, you should know the type of commercial facilities where the hair dryer will be installed and the estimated amount of users. Once you have that information, you could consider some concepts like those we gathered in this blog post.

    Do my facilities need a hair dryer?

    As we gathered in this blog post, we consider that a commercial hair dryer is a plus at leisure centres and accommodations. 

    • Blow drying can be actually more beneficial than natural drying, as long as it has been set at a safe temperature, approx. 15 cm away from hair.
    • Users appreciate control over their hair style.
    • More convenience increases good reputation of the facilities.
    • Staff would receive fewer enquiries about hair dryers.
    • Not transporting so many hair dryers favours the environment.
    What are the installation recommendations for this hair dryer?

    We have gathered all we know about hair dryer installation in this blog post. Anyway, we encourage you to read and follow what's instructed on the manual that the product includes.

    What are the pros and cons of each finish?

    We have written a blogpost about it. Please, click here.

    Which hair dryer? Valera Hotello Super or Mediclinics Machflow?

    To help to choose the most suitable commercial hair dryer for every case, we have created a comparison table for these two products.

    FinishesPolished Chrome
    DimensionsProduct Height50 mm
    Product Width65 mm
    Product Depth93 mm
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