• Optional upgrade to the standard filter that comes in the Jet Towel Slim hand dryers
  • Eliminates microbes and kills germs caught in the filter using antibacterial silver ions
  • Reduces the risk of breakdown as the machine stays cleaner
  • Does not affect performance, on the contrary it decreases the risk of breakdown
  • Prevents odours and mold growth
  • Content of the pack: 1 reusable cartridge + 3 filters + 1 user manual
  • Every filter lasts for 3-4 months on average
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The easy-to-replace high grade filter for the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim hand dryer protects from 80% of 8μ size particles (pollen, mold spores, dust), and some effectiveness on particles down to 1μ (bacteria, fine dust), so it contributes to keep the machine cleaner for longer without compromising the performance, improving hygiene at commercial washrooms, preventing odours and mold growth, and decreasing the risk of a breakdown. The filter has silver ions embedded into the material, killing germs caught inside and preventing odors and mold growth.

The JP-FS1-E pack consists of one reusable cartridge and three antibacterial filters that correspond to approximately a 1-year supply. The filter fits inside of the air inlet. The box includes one page with detailed replacement instructions. Please note that the filter lasts on average for three to four months, but it depends on the footfall and air quality of the area where the hand dryer is installed.

All Mitsubishi hand dryers (both the Slim and the Smart) come equipped with a lifetime filter as standard that rarely needs to be replaced; it does require to be cleaned regularly, either with a hoover or in the sink (this filter is below the drip tray in the Slim hand dryer).

This is an optional upgrade to the filter which comes as standard in the Jet Towel Slim hand dryers.

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DimensionsPackaging Height50 mm
Packaging Width100 mm
Packaging Depth150 mm
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