• Dimensions: 370 (H) x 280 (W) x 102 (D) mm
  • Capacity: Approximately 450 C-Fold or 600 Multifold
  • Anti-vandal key lock
  • Material: 304 (1.1mm gauge) stainless steel outer
  • Weight: 2.11Kg
  • Level indicator
Brushed Satin (370mm high)
Brushed Satin (302mm high)
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IFS1039 is a very good looking, yet highly durable paper towel dispenser, intended for the most impressive of washrooms. Ideal for medium to high traffic, these dispensers are very easy to replenish and maintain. They are very vandal resistant and come with an anti-vandal key lock to reduce the chance of misuse.

We would always recommend an energy efficient high speed hand dryer over paper towels in nearly all instances, due to the negative environmental impact paper towels have. However we understand that in some instances there is a need for paper towels due to a wash room having no power supply to it, or when noise levels have to be at an absolute zero.

Prestige stainless steel dispensers and accessories are a range of timeless and classic ‘away from home’ washroom fittings.

Prestige dispensers offer quality and conventional designs to fit with a large variety of washroom designs. The products are suited to most locations but particularly to the hospitality sector such as bars, restaurants and hotels.

Technical Description

AISI 304 (1mm gauge) brushed satin stainless steel hand towel dispenser is designed to hold a capacity of 450 C-Fold or 600 multifold paper hand towels. Front opening, which is hinged from underneath, allows easy towel repenishment. Double folded paper outlet creates smooth and safe access to the paper. Stainless back plate is fitted directly to the wall using fixing screws. Anti-vandal key lock is located on the top of the dispenser. It can be easily viewed when stock is low due to the front viewing window.

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Could you provide some data on Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers?

We believe that hand dryers are often the most energy efficient, cost saving and hygienic option to dry hands in commercial washrooms, however, paper towel dispensers may be the best solution for those facilities that lack power supply or require complete silence.

For the circumstances where both drying solutions are possible, here you have some blog posts and guides we have published over the years, which hopefully will help you decide:

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone if you have any question.

Any advice to avoid toilet blocks with paper towels?

This unpleasant situation is quite common in public areas, especially school washrooms. We have gathered a few ideas on this blog post on how to discourage users from throwing paper towels into the toilet.

Here our main suggestions:

  • Ensure there is toilet tissue in the dispenser
  • Place easy to use waste bins on visible spots and try to avoid they are not full often
  • Think about offering electric hand dryers as an alternative method
  • Choose a towel dispensing system with a controlled, paper saving delivery
  • Make the most of technology to monitor consumable level and notify staff when there is an issue or shortage.

Here is a list of spares and accessories available for the Paper Towel Dispenser.

If you do not see the specific part you are looking for, please contact us.

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