• Dimensions: 80 (H), 420 (W), 420 (D) mm
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Seat material: antibacterial white polypropylene
  • Wall supports: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Tested weight resistance: 100 Kg
  • Support points: 2
  • Distance between support points: 300mm
  • Total number of screws: 4
  • Drill bit size: Ø 12mm
  • Continent of origin: Europe
  • Fixings are included in the box
White (backrest and legs)
White (without backrest)
White (backrest)
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The IFS15042.PAT.NBA white shower bench has been designed for use in bathrooms, shower or changing rooms, mainly for those with reduced mobility like disabled people or the elderly. Users will be able to fold-up and fold-down such a hinged seat. Its two legs are adjustable: they can be displayed up to 95 mm. The recommended mounting height for this shower seat is 45-50 cm from the floor. In the download section below, you can check the full-size template to guide during installation; note that A3 paper must be used when printing it. The box will include stainless steel wall supports.

The flat surface of seat and backrest is smooth antibacterial polypropylene, which should be cleaned with a soft cloth using neutral solutions. 

We have the same model without the legs or without the backrest, should you be interested. We supply as well a removable shower seat (it can hanged from a grab rail).

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Applications:Adapted bathrooms for disabled, Bathroom, Bathtub, Healthcare

Could you explain more about its antibacterial effectiveness?

The polymers that compose the white ABS coating are enriched with highly effective additives against Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritides, Staphylococusaureus and Listeria monocytogenos.

In the first 2 hours, only 5% of the germs are left. Within 24h, the reduction is 99,9%. You can see it on the chart below.

Performance of IFS antibacterial nylon coating for hospital grab rails

Regarding contrast, what colour surface is the best for this finish?

Every finish reflects some light, which is measured on a scale from 0 to 100 (called light reflectance value, LRV). The difference between the LRV of two finishes is the contrast.

One grab rail and the wall or floor should have at least 30 points of contrast in accessible sanitary areas inside buildings other than dwellings according to the English regulations (Approved Document M). People with visual impairments and conditions like dementia require that these fittings have this minimum contrast with the surrounding surfaces in case of average light situations.

For instance, in case of a white painted wall (value around 85), a grab rail with a darker finish should be chosen (55 at most), like brushed stainless steel or blue.

The examples below are illustrative.

Illustrative light reflectance values (LRVs)
Yellow, beige60-80
Orange, light blue, light green40-60
Polished stainless steel40-60
Brushed stainless steel40-45
Proper green, blue or red, dark grey10-25
Black, brown5-10

Check the LRVs of the products involved by consulting the technical sheet your manufacturer may have provided you. If they have not, you could do some research on the exact shade of colour (there are dozens of blue, each one with a different value: cobalt, indigo, sky, teal...). Also consider the finish; metal, glass, wood or plastic do not cause the same reflectance. 

Guarantee2 Years
ConstructionMaterialsPolypropylene (the seat) and 304 stainless steel (wall mounting)
Packed Weight2.6 kg
FinishesWhite ABS
DimensionsProduct Height722.72/817.72 mm
Product Width420 mm
Product Depth420 mm
OtherEN 12182 : 2012
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